Helicopter Mom or Tracker Jacker Mom

Do you know the Tracker Jackers from the Hunger Games books? They are the wasps who track you down and when they sting you, strange and vivid hallucinations occur.  If you are stung by too many, you can die.  They are sent by the Capitol during the Hunger Games to eliminate participants. Today, I was the Tracker Jacker mom.

While I’ve read several articles about the “Helicopter Mom” and how they are the demise of our future, I have never heard of the “Tracker Jacker Mom.” Perhaps I will coin the new phrase.  This type of mom is the one who works in the hive, busy providing for the colony and preparing the nest. She models hard work, effort, stamina, perseverance, and grit. However, when her child (or children in this case) are out in the world with a task to complete and a job to do, she does not hover over them; fixing the world for them or smoothing their path.  She is steadily working and maintaining the sanity of the hive.  But once it comes to her attention that her “worker” bees have not fulfilled their obligations or given forth their best effort to a task, she begins to track them down and sting them with a venom so poisonous that they begin to hallucinate.  Hallucinations such as: they have the worst mom ever and that their life is so miserable and hard and unfair and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…of course, it’s not their fault! But, the Tracker Jacker Mom-the one who hunts down her young and pops them with a sting so potent that they realize life would be so much less difficult if they would just do what they were supposed to do-she is my hero.  She is consistent, persistent, and makes her mark.  She has enough power to put an end to the wasteful, lazy ways of those who so choose.  She creates strong, independent worker bees who will be future productive citizens.  She may be fierce, but her workers will be prepared for life.  Today I was that mom.

Helicopter Mom or Tracker Jacker Mom

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